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The EPA has confirmed Clean Burn's technology for waste oil recycling is "green."



15 years ago, regulations were put in place to help small business owners recycle their waste oil on-site. Those regulations have signficantly reduced the amount of oil that was being dumped instead of recycled.

Recent Actions

New EPA Regulations concerned some in the industry as they thought it was a threat to the oil recovery industry.  Clean Burn has taken the lead in working with regulators, both here and abroad, to ensure that waste oil heaters can continue to be used as part of an on-site recycling effort. They've also worked to educate others about the environmental advantages of recycling on-site.

Officially "Green"

recycling-waste-oil-with-clean-burnNow, the EPA has confirmed that Clean Burn's methods are not only environmentally friendly, but also economically attractive.  Your company's use of Clean Burn Technology makes you part of the environmental solution.

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