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Recycling for the Environment

End Your Cradle to Grave Liability
for Environmental Damage

Recycling Waste Oil Prevents Groundwater ContaminationRecycling Waste Oil Prevents
Groundwater Contamination
According to the EPA, spilling just one gallon of waste oil will contaminate the drinking water for 50 people for one year.  If your business collects hundreds of gallons of waste oil every year, imagine the potential environmental damages.

The truth of the matter is that 200 million gallons of waste oil end up being spilled or illegally dumped each year, that's 40 times the amount spilled in the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill.  40% of the pollution in our waterways is from waste oil. If you generate waste oil, you need to consider your risks.

Your Cradle to Grave Responsibility

By law, you are responsible for every drop of used oil from the moment it leaves the vehicle until it is processed or burned.  If you're using a hauler to remove your waste oil, you're responsible for the environmental damage if that hauler illegally disposes of the waste oil, or if they have an accident that causes a spill.  By recycling your oil on-site, you are exempt from that liability.  This is a major reason many companies are choosing to handle their own recycling. 

Clear Burn Furnaces Exceed All EPA Waste Oil Recycling Requirements

go-green-with-master-burn-recycling-waste-oil-imageThe EPA categorizes used oil for the purpose of on-site heat recovery the same as it does virgin heating oil, instead of the much more restricted category of industrial waste. Clear Burn furnaces and boilers meet and exceed all EPA standards, and they are engineered to squeeze every BTU out of the oil they are burning, no matter what the source.

Make the Environmentally Sound Choice: Clean Burn

At Master Burn, we're proud of our work in helping to keep our environment clean here in the Midwest. But we know we all can do more.  Are you ready to pitch in?

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