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Cuda Parts Washers - Faster Safer

Cuda Aqueous Parts Washers from Master BurnCleaning grimy parts is a time consuming process that used to require dealing with hazardous solvent chemicals.  Having high paid mechanics or technicians scrubbing parts costs you a lot of money.

A Cuda Aqueous Parts Washer not only does the work automatically, but it does it faster and without hazardous chemicals.  Just put in your parts, press START, and get back to doing billable work.  In just 15 or 20 minutes, your parts will look like new. 

Typically, one washer will serve 2-4 technicians or mechanics.  The savings can pay for your Cuda parts washer in about a year.

Environmentally Smart - Highly Effective - Totally Automatic

Instead of using hazardous solvents with potential health risks and the added cost of safe disposal (and potential liability for improper handling), Cuda Parts Washers use water and specialized detergents with rust inhibitors.  The washer uses an an automatic high pressure spray system, rotating tray, and temperatures near boiling to quickly and thoroughly remove grime and dirt.

Free oils are skimmed to prolong the life of the wash water and debris gets filtered by an easy to clean screen.

The Right Size for Your Job

Cuda Parts Washers come in Top Loading and Front Loading configurations and load capacities from 250 pounds all the way up to 5000 pounds. Our turntables run from 22 inches in diameter up to 48 inches with working heights from 12 inches up to 60 inches! 

Let the experts at Master Burn help you decide which Cuda Parts Washer is right for you.  Call us at 605-543-5817 to arrange a no-cost visit to show you what a Cuda Parts Washer can do for you.


Cuda Top Load Aqueous Parts WashersCuda Top Load Aqueous Parts WashersCuda top load parts washers are the right choice for most shops.  Parts are placed on a turntable that rotates while being blasted with a high temperature, high pressure water and soap spray.  After 15-20 minutes of automatic cleaning, parts come out looking like new again. 

There are 4 Series of Cuda Top Load parts washers, each series has a variety of models and options so Master Burn can create the perfect washer for your shop.


Download Top Load Washer Brochure


Cuda Top Load Parts Washer Models:

SeriesLoad CapacityTurntable DiameterWorking HeightGPMPSI
2216 500 lbs. 22 in. 16 in. 28 GPM 30 PSI
2412 250 lbs. 24 in. 12 in. 20 GPM 22 PSI
2518 500 lbs. 25 in. 18 in. 50 GPM 45 PSI


The Cuda SJ-15 Basket System is Different

The Cuda SJ-15 uses a stationary basket system with rotating spray nozzles.  With a total of 23 spray nozzles, the rotating spray arm is never further than 18 inches away from the load and creates a unique surround cleaning effect.

SeriesLoad CapacityBasket Length x WidthWorking HeightGPMPSI
SJ-15 350 lbs. 32 in. x 21 in. 21 in. 37 GPM 30 PSI


Cuda Front Load Aqueous Parts WashersCuda Front Load Aqueous Parts WashersCuda builds front load parts washers because, for larger objects, it's sometimes harder to lift them up and over the side of a top load unit. The front loaders are the big workhorses of parts washing, able to take up to 5,000 pounds of parts with space for objects up to 4 feet in diameter and 5 feet tall in one wash.


Download Front Load Washer Brochure


Cuda Front Load Parts Washer Models:

SeriesLoad CapacityTurntable DiameterWorking HeightGPMPSI
2530 500 lbs. 25 in. 30 in. 50 GPM 45 PSI
2840 750 lbs. 28 in. 40 in. 50 GPM 45 PSI
2848 750 lbs. 28 in. 48 in. 110 GPM 50 PSI
4860 5000 lbs. 48 in. 60 in. 200 GPM 50 PSI

Each series offers a variety of sub-models and options that allow Master Burn to tailor a unit to your specific needs.

Call us at 605-543-5817 to arrange a no-cost visit to show you what a Cuda Parts Washer can do for you.


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