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Clean Burn Waste Oil Recycling CenterClean Burn Waste Oil Recycling Center

The Clean Burn Waste Oil Recycling Center is a great solution for an all-in-one recycling center.

The base of the unit is a UL Listed, 250 gallon tank to hold the used oil generated by your business. At the top, your Clean Burn waste oil furnace is mounted.  Most of Clean Burn waste oil furnaces can be used with the recycling center.

Custom Tanks

Master Burn also offers custom made tanks.  We have 500 and 1000 gallon UL Listed tanks with either single or double wall construction. And we can custom build anything else you might need.

Clean Burn Recycling CenterClean Burn Recycling Center

Simple Installation

Your Clean Burn waste oil furnace installation is simplified since you don't have to find a mounting location for your furnace or a tank to hold the waste oil. The pump feeds the furnace automatically.

Makes "Going Green" Easier

A funnel kit and filter kit (optional) take care of the rest of the workflow changes that you'll experience when you begin recycling used oil for free heat.

Master Burn, the midwest's Clean Burn dealer, can show you the possibilities that the Clean Burn Recycling Center has to offer.


Waste Oil Transfer Pump

waste-oil-transfer-pumpClean Burn Recycling Center

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