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Clean Burn Waste Oil Furnace

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Master Burn has the right Clean Burn
waste oil furnace to warm up your bottom line

Clean Burn waste oil furnaces range from 175,000 to 500,000 BTU/hr sizes, which means we will tailor a system that will be most economical for you.  We have many installation options, including ceiling suspension and our all-in-one recycling center.

All Clean Burn waste oil furnaces are designed from the ground up to recycle crankcase oil, ATF, and hydraulic fluid. They can also burn #2, #4 and #5 regular fuel oils making them highly versatile. Automatic flow control means you don't have to continually adjust a Clean Burn furnace.

recycling-waste-oil-dropHigh Efficiency Waste Oil Recycling

The patented heat exchanger generates more heat and, with a lower stack temperature, you'll get the most heat out of every drop of oil you put in.  We think that, even though waste oil is free, you shouldn't waste the energy inside it.

Easy Maintenance

Clean Burn furnaces have the longest maintenance intervals of all furnaces in their class.  While some competitors require 2 hours worth of maintenacne every 400 hours of operation, Clean Burn Furnaces need only 30 minutes of care every 800-1000 hours.  An onboard control panel tracks actual usage for you so there is no guessing.  One reason for the lower service time is the exclusive swing away door and burner which allows for easy access.

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go-green-with-master-burn-recycling-waste-oil-imageMaster Burn Makes It Easy to Go Green

As a Clean Burn dealer, Master Burn is committed to helping you choose the right system.  We handle all the details, including installation and training your staff on the right operation and maintenance.

All of our waste oil furnace installations are guaranteed to meet or exceed all local and national codes.

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Clean Burn Waste Oil Furnace Models from Master Burn:

Clean Burn CB-1400 Waste Oil FurnaceClean Burn CB-1400
Waste Oil Furnace
The CB-1400 is Clean Burn's smallest waste oil furnace with an output rated at 140,000 BTU/hr. Its ideal for small garages, shops, and other work-spaces.

Clean Burn CB-1750 Waste Oil FurnaceClean Burn CB-1750
Waste Oil Furnace
The CB-1750, with an output rated at 175,000 BTU/hr it's designed to give you lots of installation options. This is the furnace for facilities with smaller quantities of waste oil (500-800 gallons per year).

Clean Burn CB-2500 Waste Oil FurnaceClean Burn CB-2500
Waste Oil Furnace
Clean Burn's CB-2500 produces 250,000 BTU/hr of heat. That's just right for a small auto or truck shop of 2-4 bays. If you produce about 1000 gallons of waste oil per year, this might be the right choice for your waste oil recycling system.

Clean Burn CB-3250 Waste Oil FurnaceClean Burn CB-3250
Waste Oil Furnace
The CB-3250 is UL Listed for installation as either a stand alone unit or as a central furnace feeding your ductwork.  It has 325,000 BTU/hr output.  Master Burn is ready to help you decide which Clean Burn waste oil furnace is right for your installation.

Clean Burn CB-3500 Waste Oil FurnaceClean Burn CB-3500
Waste Oil Furnace
With a 350,000 BTU/hr heat output, the Clean Burn CB-3500 is more than adequate for buildings larger than a 4-bay shop with considerable quantities of oil to recycle.

Clean Burn CB-5000 Waste Oil FurnaceClean Burn CB-5000
Waste Oil Furnace
This is the largest waste oil furnace the EPA will allow.  With 500,000 BTU/hr output it's right for large multi-bay service centers.  We would like the opportunity to show you how financially beneficial the Clean Burn CB-5000 can be for your bottom line.

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