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Clean Burn Waste Oil Boiler

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Let Master Burn show you how you can get
FREE Heat with a Clean Burn waste oil boiler.

The Clean Burn waste oil boiler system has been designed to efficiently generate hot water by recycling waste oil to provide free heat.  Master Burn is the Midwest Clean Burn dealer and we offer unmatched system design, factory installation, staff training and long term service to help you get the best return on your waste oil recycling investment. 


Clean Burn waste oil boilers are used in car wash facilities, they easily connect to space heating, in-floor heating and baseboard heating systems.  They are also used to provide heat for ice-melt applications.  They are UL Listed for central heating systems, have been awarded the Energy Star Partner designation, and meet all national fire and safety codes.

Fuel Options

Your Clean Burn waste oil burner is EPA Approved to burn a wide variety of used oil products, including crankcase oils, automatic transmission fluid and hydraulic fluid.  It's also designed to burn regular #2, #4 and #5 fuel oils to give you unmatched flexibility.

Designed to Wring Out More Energy from Every Drop of Oil

The Clean Burn Coiled Tube Boiler design includes a patented burner engineered to burn waste oils, this burner automatically adjusts to the wide variety of fuels found in typical waste oil.

For efficiency, only a low mass of water is held in the boiler.  This means faster start-ups and reduced stack loss.  Clean Burn boilers also use a three pass heat exchanger to capture even more savings.

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Flexible Installation Options

Each unit can be used as a single boiler unit, or combined to create larger systems. Clean Burn waste oil boilers also feature a narrow cabinet design to offer wider installation options.   And Clean Burn makes installation easier by delivering your boiler with all wiring and plumbing in place and ready to connect to your distribution system.

The Lowest Maintenance in the Industry

Clean Burn has slashed waste oil boiler maintenance by 80%.  Some competitors require 2 hours of maintenance for every 400 hours of operation!  A Clean Burn waste oil boiler will need only 30 minutes of care for 1000 hours of operation.

The reason we require so much less maintenence is that our heater block, atomizer and combustion mechanism are designed for long service life. And instead of disassembling whole burner system to clean it, the Clean Burn system simply swings open for full access.

With Clean Burn Coil Tube Boilers, you spend 30 minutes cleaning every 1000 hours of operation. With competitive units, you spend 2 hours cleaning every 400 hours of operation.

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Clean Burn Waste Oil Boiler Models from Master Burn:

Clean Burn CB-200-CTB Waste Oil BoilerClean Burn CB-200-CTB
Waste Oil Boiler
The Clean Burn CB-200-CTB has a 200,000 BTU/hr input rating with a 148,000 BTU/hr output.  It's designed to move 15 gallons of hot water per minute while burning less than 1.4 gallons of oil per hour.

Clean Burn CB-350-CTB Waste Oil BoilerClean Burn CB-350-CTB
Waste Oil Boiler
At 350,000 BTU/hr input and 260,000 BTU/hr output, the CB-350-CTB will deliver 25 gallons of hot water per minute, while recycling up to 2.5 gallons of waste oil per hour.

Clean Burn CB-500-CTB Waste Oil BoilerClean Burn CB-500-CTB
Waste Oil Boiler
Our largest single waste oil boiler is the CB-500-CTB.  It's designed to deliver hot water at 37 gallons per minute while burning no more than 3.57 gallons of fuel per hour.  Its rated at 500,000 BTU/hr input and 372,000 BTU/hr output.

The full group of Clean Burn Waste Oil BoilersThe full group of Clean Burn Waste Oil Boilers

Let Master Burn help you decide which one is right for you.

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